Build a Bomb Shelter for a School in Ukraine!

Today, we are gathering funds to help Kyiv School #257 build a safe bomb shelter for the hundreds of children who went back to school in person.

This school is only a ten-minute walk from the site of the most powerful bomb strike in Kyiv. Children walk by the horrific sight of ruined buildings on the way to school, they are in dire need of a safe place as air raid sirens continue to ring every day.

An aerial view of the destroyed Retroville shopping mall after a Russian attack in Kyiv on March 21, 2022. (Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

On top of the psychological trauma that every Ukrainian child is already experiencing, there is the ever-present threat of further bombing.

On the 3rd day of school, dozens of 1st graders arrived at the sound of sirens and ran to the school basement, where they sat for hours, with no bathrooms or running water.

These children have seen and experienced things that no child should, and we owe them at least a safe place to learn each day.