Cameroon National Youth Day

The National Youth Day in Cameroon has been celebrated on February 11th by all children and youths of the country since 1966. The 56th edition of the National Youth Day is commemorated under the theme, ‘Youths and Voluntary Participation in the Major Challenges of Cameroon’.  The current Cameroonian Youth Affairs and Civic Education, Minister Mounouna Foutsou in a press conference held on January 27, 2022, said that young people are currently faced with several challenges, including security and the crises that are rocking the Far North, North West and South West Regions, the degradation of moral values, increase in violent extremism in addition to health problems caused by COVID-19. 

Notwithstanding, Cameroon’s youth day remains a day when young Cameroonians are invited to celebrate together and remember that they are full potential and that they have the power to turn imagination, creativity and grit into many successes in life. This  national festival aims to align young people with national pride and community building. 

The planned activities such as parades, sport events and cultural dances aim to encourage Cameroonian youth to unite and mobilize around the ideals of peace, freedom, social progress and solidarity, social cohesion and national integration.

Youths of unstable regions, more precisely the English-speaking territories have shown strong resilience despite conflicts in those regions.