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Foundations of Network Administration: Building the Path to IT Success

Course Objectives:

  1. Build a strong foundation in network terminology, concepts, and the essentials of how data moves across networks.

  2. Learn how to configure and manage basic network components, including routers, switches, and basic network protocols.

  3. Gain insight into basic network security principles and learn to identify and mitigate common security risks.

  4.  Develop problem-solving skills to identify and resolve fundamental network issues, ensuring smooth network operation.

  5.  Understand routine maintenance tasks to keep networks running smoothly and efficiently.

Course Outcomes: 

Upon completion of the Introduction to Network Administration course, participants will achieve the following outcomes:

  1. A solid understanding of core network concepts and terminology, providing a basis for further study.

  2. Proficiency in configuring and managing basic network devices and protocols.

  3. Awareness of network security best practices and the ability to recognize and address common security vulnerabilities.

  4. The ability to identify and resolve basic network issues, ensuring minimal disruption to network services.

  5. Skills to perform routine network maintenance tasks to keep networks operating smoothly.

Course Summary: 

The “Introduction to Network Administration” course is tailored for beginners seeking to explore the world of network management. This course provides a solid introduction to network fundamentals, configuration, security, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Graduates of this course will have the foundational knowledge and skills needed to pursue further studies in network administration or embark on entry-level roles in IT support, help desk, or network technician positions. It is a stepping stone for those looking to build a career in the dynamic field of network administration, where they play a critical role in maintaining the backbone of modern communication and data exchange.

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