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Salesforce Logo


Provides the Salesforce platform and the Nonprofit Cloud to support us in achieving our mission and partners with us via the Pro Bono team to help fully leverage the technology. The Salesforce online store offers a t-shirt to promote our cause - each purchase benefits Striving For All. In March 2022, we won the Salesforce's Volunteering Impact Awards.
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Smartaid Logo


Partners with SmartAID to build smart classrooms and create an environment where Ukrainian children can recover from the war trauma while continuing their education
Nova Ukraine Logo

Nova Ukraine

Partners with Nova Ukraine to help support education for Ukrainian Children affected by the war.
Dobrodeearium logo


Partners with Dobrodeearium orphanage to support the basic needs of Ukrainian orphans and to provide necessary means to help them continue their education.
Ukraine TrustChain Logo

Ukraine TrustChain

Partners with Ukraine TrustChain to help rebuild communities affected by the war.
Ukranian Prism Logo

Ukrainian Prism

Partners with the Ukrainian Prism to repair schools damaged by shelling, providing children with a safer environment to continue their education.

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