Tamara Tkachuk

Tamara Tkachuk


I started painting at the age of 50+. I have two university diplomas: engineer-thermal physicist and economist-auditor, almost all my life I lived in Ukraine in Kyiv.

I paint the world around, objects, plants, and nature, everything that surrounds me, that I see every day. For me, everything created by nature is unique, perfect, worthy of attention and respect.

The war displaced me from my city and my country. I had to adapt to cramped space, limited palette, and limited set of tools for painting, small formats of works. In my recent works I try to show fragments from my peaceful life, my attitude and my vision of the unique beauty and perfection of everything that nature has created, trying to show and convey through the painting the beauty in everyday life.

Today’s pace of life is so fast that people amidst the hustle and bustle forget to think about the main thing: the spiritual. I want my paintings to evoke in people the feelings or impressions I experienced when preparing and developing the work. Each of my paintings has a story, albeit a small one.

Before painting a picture, I make a lot of photos, a lot of sketches in a small notebook with a pen, pencil or pastel. I often search for missing information on the Internet. explore the most advantageous angle, composition, combination of different subjects, to select the right format.

Since 2013, I have regularly participated in various exhibitions: at the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, in the NCCM October Palace in Kyiv, in the Amosov Institute of Cardiology, Kyiv., many works are in private collections.