Unforgettable Gifts: A Special Token of Our Gratitude

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Discover our unique art collection by a Ukrainian war survivor, Tamara Tkachuk. 

Pick a painting to receive as a token of our gratitude when you make an impactful donation of $300 or more to help children in Ukraine.

Tamara Tkachuk

Tamara Tkachuk



#1 "When there is no light... 2022"

2022, canvas on hardboard, oil, 39x30 cm. Kyiv, anxiety, there is no electricity for several days. This still life was lit with a flashlight from a mobile phone.

#2 "The last grape... Young wine..."

2022, canvas on hardboard, oil, 37x25 cm. The summer has passed, the harvest has been reapt, and the last bunches of ripe grapes and the first glasses of young wine are on the table.

#3 "Tomatoes on a tray"

2022, canvas on hardboard, oil, 27x37 cm. In my childhood, I remember my father carefully growing tomatoes and I was happy to help him. I really liked the smell of green twigs and leaves. Once I bought tomatoes with twigs and their smell reminded me of my carefree childhood.

#4 "The reflection"

2022, canvas on hardboard, oil, 24x30 cm. Sometimes reality is a far cry from its reflection, and human words may radically differ from real actions.

#5 "The snowy tangerines"

#6 "The snowy tangerines" 2022, canvas on hardboard, oil, 26x40 cm. In Ukraine, tangerines always enter the market at the end of the year. That is why their smell always reminds us of Christmas coming.

#6 "Olive branch"

2022, canvas on hardboard, oil, 26х37 cm. How beautiful are ripe olives on the tree! But how bitter they are! Once I was tempted to taste such a berry... water did not help…To get rid of the bitterness, I had to eat tangerines.


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