Unleashing Healing Through Art: Support Ukrainian Refugees' Art Therapy Workshop!

Lyudmyla (Lyuda) Savinkova,

Lyudmyla (Lyuda) Savinkova,

Owner and director of Mission Arts Center

Art Therapy Workshop for Ukrainian refugees is going to be led by Lyudmyla (Lyuda) Savinkova, the owner and director of Mission Arts Center (www.missionarts.center), Kansas, USA, where she has been supporting Ukrainian artists as well as offering free art therapy to Ukrainian refugees since the beginning of the war in 2022.

Art Therapy Workshop details:

After a short introduction to art therapy practice, the participants will each create 2 – 3 art projects. All art supplies and directives will be provided. Participants will keep their artwork and a gift bag with art supplies!

  • Cost: FREE for qualified participants.
  • Duration of the workshop is 2 hours.
  • Age groups:
    • Group 1 (age 4-9); Group 2 (age 10- 15); Group 3 (age 16+). Maximum capacity for each group is 20.
    • Group 4 (families of 3 or more related people) – limited spots available.

Examples of art projects:

  1. Pin making (the participant will create their design for a pin and use a button-making machine).
  2. Clay molding (the participant will create/hand build unique sculptures).
  3. Painting (the participant will paint a self-portrait or a landscape).
  4. Collaging
  5. Coloring (the participant will learn the therapeutic technique of mandala coloring).
  6. Stone painting (the participant will create their design on the “grounding stone”).
  7. Mixed media projects or art games (for small groups of no more than eight people)

This workshop intends to reduce stress, enhance positive feelings, and provide tools for building self-esteem and resilience.

To continue receiving the full long-term benefits of art therapy (such as developing self- perception through emotions and body awareness, strengthening the identity and self-image, emotion and impulse regulation, learning to change behavioral responses with respect to self and others through art-making, and understanding one’s emotions and experiences), the participants may opt for art therapy over Zoom, offered by Lyudmyla (Lyuda) Savinkova.

Individual or group art therapy is available for siblings, families, friends, and caregivers. These services are provided free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis.

For inquiries or to sign up for Zoom art therapy sessions, the participants may email Lyudmyla Savinkova lyudmyla@missionarts.center. Allow up to 2 business days for a reply.