Join Us in Empowering and Rehabilitating Orphaned Ukrainian Children​

Today, we come together with a heartfelt purpose – to continue our journey of hope and healing for the orphans of Harmonia Orphanage. In the spring of 2022, your incredible support enabled us to evacuate these orphaned children from the war-ravaged Kharkiv zone.


We provided them with a safe refuge in Western Ukraine. A new home was established, and we offered solace to over 100 young hearts, offering them a chance to start anew. This glimmer of hope brightened their lives. However, the trauma from losing family members, physical injuries inflicted during wartime, and uncertainty about the future remained, threatening to shatter the refuge we had helped build for them.


Last spring, we organized transformative in-person art therapy workshops in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, providing a safe space for these resilient children to express themselves, finding solace and healing through creativity. However, their journey to recovery doesn’t end there. The challenges persist with food shortages and a dire need for rehabilitation services. We invite you to join us again in making a difference in their lives.