Let's give children hope for a better Future.

2023 GOALS

Helping children with immediate needs

Helping children with immediate needs

We support Ukrainian war orphans. We work with orphanages to provide these children with basic necessities such as food, water and educational materials.
Provide Drinking Water

Provide Drinking Water

Our initiative, Bringing drinking water to schools, aims to provide Cameroonian children with clean water and thus eliminate water-related diseases, such as diarrhea, dysentery, and typhoid fever, rampant in rural areas.

Build a Bomb Shelter 1

Build Bomb Shelter for a School in Ukraine!

Today, we are gathering funds to help Kyiv School #257 build a safe bomb shelter for the hundreds of children who went back to school in person. This school is only a ten-minute walk from the site of the most powerful bomb strike in Kyiv.

Deliver digital literacy programs to over 500 young adults in Douala

Deliver Digital Literacy Programs to over 500 Young Adults in Douala

With this program, we aim to prepare over 500 young people for lifelong computer literacy, which will help them launch or boost their careers.

Launched Smart Classroom in Chernivitsi Ukraine

Build Smart Classrooms

We work with partner organizations to create an educational environment in which children can learn and thrive.


Restored a school in Ukraine

People with Striving For All Banner and Ukrainian flags

We restored a Chernihiv school, damaged by heavy shelling.

Donated school supplies, computers & printers

Striving For All volunteer team behind school supplies, computers et.

We organized a back to School Event in Buea, South West Cameroon. Over 300 children received school supplies and three local schools received computers and printers.

Helped war orphans

Orphans from Dobrodeearium

We provided basic needs for over 100 orphans in southwestern Ukraine.

Launched a smart classroom

Launched Smart Classroom in Chernivitsi Ukraine

We launched a smart Classroom for over 700 children in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. The classroom is equipped with 22 laptops and 3 printers.

2021 Achievements

Striving For All 14

Renovated Classrooms

In 2021, we renovated 5 classrooms of Cetic De Zimpouet, a technical high school in a rural area of Cameroon. This achievement has helped created an a healthy and livable environment in which students can thrive. Because of this achievement the enrollment is expected to increase by 70%.

School Before the Renovation

The school had five classrooms with no doors, no windows and no electricity.

2020 Achievements


School Supplies

Giving School Supplies
Donated school supplies for 70 students.

Computers & Teaching Material

Striving For All 15
Donated computers and teaching supplies for 12 teachers.

Help Fight COVID-19

We served 900+ families and 10 local clinics


Striving For All COVID - Facemasks
4,000 facemasks were distributed.


Striving For All COVID - Soap
5,000 pounds of soap were donated.

Food Relief

Striving For All COVID - Food Relief
13,000 pounds of food were distributed.


Striving For All COVID - Awareness
Raised COVID-19 awareness in three cities of Cameroon including Buea, Tonga and Dschang.

Personal Protective Equipment

Striving For All COVID - Personal Protective Equipment
Provided 10 local clinics with personal protective equipment.

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