Our Ongoing Effort in Ukraine

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in late February, Striving For All has been working endlessly to help evacuate refugees from the war zone. We have helped families strewn all across the country, from cities including Kyiv, Odesa, and many towns in the east of Ukraine. 

During the second week after the invasion, we were lucky enough to find Yevhen Sichak, a father of three young kids, living in Mukachevo near the western border of Ukraine. He and several of his local relatives were selfless enough to open up their homes to countless refugees, and Striving For All worked with them extensively to ensure they had the support and funding to do so. On days when the numbers of people arriving were too large, a nearby church was also leveraged for meal distribution and emergency shelter. Yevhen has since had to leave Ukraine with his family, but before he did so, we were able to help him shelter over 100 people from all over Ukraine.

In addition to this partnership with Yevhen, we have directly evacuated about 50 people thus far, half of them children. Many of these refugees were found terrified in basements, unable to make contact with loved ones and determine whether their friends and relatives are safe. They fearfully run from shelter to shelter, forced to flee their homes as explosions sound in broad daylight and their cities crumble into chaos. We’ve aided people from the beginning of their journeys to the end, providing them with essential information to map out their evacuation routes, finding them food and shelter, and providing them with resources and funds. Once they have made it to safety, we have helped families apply for refugee programs and establish long-term living situations. 

Striving For All is also committed to actively partner with nonprofit organizations to provide orphan children with hope and opportunities for a better future through humanitarian assistance, mentoring, tutoring, summer camps, special programs and more.

Potential References for impact and need

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