Back to School Event in Buea, Cameroon

Back to School in Cameroon

We are so pleased to share that we finally held the 2022-2023 Back to School Event in Buea, South West Cameroon, on September 16, 2022, after two failed attempts due to precarious conditions caused by the ongoing Anglophone crisis. Over 700 internally displaced and vulnerable community members attended the event, during which 300 children, including the visually impaired, received backpacks and school supplies tailored to each child’s needs. Three local schools received computers and printers. We are so grateful for your support which made this event possible. Our impact on these children’s lives is forever as it encourages them to continue their studies despite the crisis and helps them dream of a better future when not much seems to be on the horizon. 

We are infinitely grateful to our team on the ground, who ventured to Buea even though the region’s instability was questionable and whose determination to provide core needs to support the end goal of quality education for all children is unshakable.

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